Updating Your Mailing Address is Incredibly Easy at FCFCU!

Updating Your Mailing Address is Incredibly Easy at FCFCU!

To ensure your banking information reaches you safely, securely and timely, we want to make sure we have your correct address.

It’s incredibly easy to update your address with FCFCU!

Sign into your Home Banking

First step to updating your mailing address on your First Castle FCU accounts is to sign into Home Banking. (This feature is not currently available in our mobile app.)

Click on the gear icon at top right.

On the drop down menu, choose “Personal Information.”

image of the gear where you change your address in Home Banking

Update your address …

Simply type your current contact information into the fields shown.

image of fields in Home Banking to change address

Make sure to click the “OK” button at the bottom to save your changes!


Thank you for your membership at First Castle FCU!

⚠️ Fraud Alert ⚠️ Fake Check Scam: If you have received a cashier’s check that appears to be drawn on First Castle Federal Credit Union, do not deposit the check. Do not send any money that may be indicated in the instructions with the check. The cashier’s check may be a counterfeit cashier’s check. Contact us at (985) 867-8867 to report receipt of the check and to verify its authenticity. Do not call any phone numbers that came with the check. Save any form of evidence associated with the check (i.e. package label, letters, text messages).