Share & Certificate Secured

Share & Certificate Loans

VIP Loans

Loan amounts up to $30,000.00 secured with shares equaling 1/2 of the original loan amount. Maximum term is six (6) years depending on balance.

The interest rate is as low as 5% above the highest share rate at the time the loan is made. This loan is eligible to be refinanced to a lower rate only when the principal balance has decreased to the original pledged amount.

Share Loans

Secured by 100% of the loan amount with your shares. Shares are released as principal is paid.

Interest rate is 2.50% above the highest regular share rate at the time the loan is made and may not be refinanced to a lower rate.

Maximum term is 5 years depending on initial balance, and the minimum payment is $100.00 per month.

Certificate Secured Loans

2.50% above the secured Share Certificate rate. The maximum term is the remaining term of the secured Share Certificate.

Please contact us for more details on these loan types.

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