Savings Accounts

Saving at First Castle

We can help you make automatic payments from your paycheck into a savings or retirement account, so you can really get growing.


Primary Share Savings

Your share savings account establishes you as a member/owner of the Credit Union.

  • All it takes to open an account is a $5 deposit
  • (6) free withdrawals or transfers per month. $5.00 per withdrawal if these limits are exceeded.
  • There are no monthly fees or minimum balance charges

Christmas Club Savings

A Christmas Club Savings Account is free to set up and free to maintain online.

  • All it takes to open an account is a $5 deposit.
  • Your balance is transferred at the beginning of November each year to your share savings account–just in time for shopping!
  • To help encourage the use of the funds as intended, you will be charged a $10.00 early withdrawal fee per withdrawal if you access the funds before the roll over date.
  • There are no account fees unless funds are accessed prior to scheduled payout.

Vacation Club Savings

A Vacation Club Savings Account is free to set up and free to maintain online. The Vacation Club Account can be opened with as little as $5.

A Vacation Club account allows you to save the cash you need to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of and to do it without building more debt.

Kasasa Saver® savings account

The Kasasa Saver is a free account that helps you save! Any earned high APY* & ATM fee refunds will sweep automatically at the end of the month. It also has some great rewards! earn 1.01% APY* up to a balance cap of $10,000. When you qualify in Kasasa Cash® or Kasasa Cash Back®, you qualify in Kasasa Saver® too!

Castle Kids Savings

A Castle Kids Savings Account is free to set up and free to maintain online.  We recommend a Castle Kids savings account for minors 14 years old and younger.  You will need:

  • Minor’s Birth certificate
  • Minor’s Social Security Card
  • Parent’s Driver’s License
  • $5.00

When you bring your child in to open a Castle Kids Club savings account, we will give them their own savings register so they can keep track of their money on their own. In addition to teaching kids about saving money, our Castle Kids Club account earns interest and offers free coin counting at our Covington branch.

To help encourage savings as a habit, withdrawals are limited to one free withdrawal per quarter.  A $10.00 fee is assessed for additional withdrawals within the quarter.

Making the Grade Program

First Castle rewards your child with $1.00 for every A on their final report card! $5.00 max per report card. Up to 18 years of age or through 12th grade. Just bring the end-of-school-year report card into a branch, and we will celebrate the good grades together!

Saving for College

Louisiana Start Saving Program

How can you cover your child’s future college costs? Saving early (and often) may be the key for most families. The Louisiana Start 529 Savings Plan offers Louisiana families another alternative to help fund their children’s education.

The State of Louisiana offers this college savings plan, which is called a “Qualified Tuition Plan”, under Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. The Student Tuition Assistance and Revenue Trust Program, commonly referred to as the “START Saving Program,” is a college savings plan designed to help families contend with the growing costs of educating their children after high school.

As tuition and other costs associated with attending college seem to rise each year, it is important to explore all your available options to help with that potential burden.

*APY=Annual Percentage Yield

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