At many other institutions, bill pay is free only if you agree to use other products and services. At FCFCU our Bill Pay service is always 100% free as long as you have a checking account with us. What could be easier?

With FREE Bill Pay, you can:billpay

  • Pay your bills electronically and at your convenience through your computer.
  • Save time and money—no more checks or stamps, running to the post office, or worrying about late fees
  • Schedule one-time payments or recurring payments up to a year in advance
  • Pay almost merchant: From your power company to your doctor to your neighborhood lawn service, you can pay everyone you pay now – anytime, anywhere – all with the click of a mouse
  • Review pending payments and have access to your full payment history.
  • Edit payments anytime before the process date
  • Payment history can be viewed and downloaded into Quicken or Microsoft Money
  • Private and safe transactions
  • Sign up through Home Banking; simply click on the Bill Payment button

Ready to sign up? It’s Easy!

To get started with First Castle FCU’s Bill Payment service, simply log in to our online banking system – Home Banking – and click on the Bill Pay icon. Answer a few questions and submit the enrollment form. You’ll then receive an email to confirm that we have received your enrollment, and within 3-4 business days, you should receive a welcome email notifying you that your bill pay account is activated and ready for use.

How much does Bill Pay Cost?

Bill Pay is free!

Are there any fees associated with Bill Pay?

Normal Insufficient funds charges may apply if an item that is presented for payment does not have the funds available to cover the bill.

Can my payment be sent as soon as I set it up?

You must set up your payment before 1 PM central time for it to be sent that business day. Any payment set up after 1 PM central or not on a business day will be sent the next business day. Please remember to schedule your payment at least five (5) business days before the due date to give it sufficient time to get there.

Can I view bill payments that have been made and change payments that I have scheduled?

All payments that have been processed and all scheduled payments will appear on an easy-to-read page and calendar. For payments that have been scheduled but not yet processed, you will have the ability to edit or delete a scheduled payment up to 1 PM central on the day that it is scheduled to be paid.

When will the money for my payments be deducted from my Checking account?

A payment amount transacted through Web Bill Pay will post no sooner than the payment date you set up for that payment. A payment amount may be deducted later, but in most cases they will post on the payment date you selected.

Who do I call if I have a problem with one of my bills or I have a dispute?

You can call 1-800-290-6054 from 6 AM to 10 PM central time Monday through Friday and 7 AM to 4 PM on Saturday (except on Federal Holidays) to receive assistance.