skipDon’t fall behind on a loan payment! Request to skip-a-payment

FCFCU understands that life throws you curve balls. Very expensive curve balls. That is why we offer  Skip-A-Payment Program! You can skip one monthly loan payment for $25.00*.

Take advantage of this opportunity and use your funds for holiday shopping, unexpected bills or anything you need.

You must be a member in good standing and all your loans must have been current the previous three months to participate in FCFCU’s Skip-A-Payment program. Mortgage Loans, Home Equity Loans, Open Ended Personal Loans, Credit Cards, and Line of Credit Loans are not eligible.  Skip-A-Payment program does not apply to loans during the first (6) six months of the loan agreement. Skip-A-Payment program limits (1) one skip-a-payment/extension per rolling year and a total of (4) four skip-a-payments/extensions over the life of the loan. You may not skip two consecutive payments.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please read the Skip-A-Payment request form for further details and then simply complete and fax the form back to us at 985-875-1952.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have set up Automatic Transfer of your loan payment through Online Banking, you must cancel the Automatic Transfer before your payment is skipped. FCFCU is not responsible for canceling the Automatic Transfer.

Christmas Club Accounts are available!

Doesn’t it seem like Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year? Just when you catch up on those credit card purchases it is time to do it all over again. This year save a set amount throughout the entire year and by the time the Holidays get here you will be well on your way to being debt free AFTER the holidays! More information here!