Big Account or Small…  You Rule.

First Castle FCU offers members several options for checking and savings. Whether you wish to save for your retirement, a dream vacation or your children’s education, our menu of programs provides savers with safe and competitive alternatives.

Upon completing your First Castle FCU membership application and opening your initial Share Savings Account, you will have all the financial advantages that membership offers. The minimum balance to retain membership is only $5.00, and there is no fee to open your account. Combined with the added benefits of payroll deduction and/or direct deposit, saving is virtually effortless.

Savings Accounts

Your share savings account defines you as a member/owner of the Credit Union. This account can be opened as a single or joint membership. Your savings in this account, as well as all our savings vehicles, are insured to the legal limit by the NCUA, an independent agency of the federal government. There is no maximum or minimum deposit amount.

Free Checking Accounts

Choose from 4 checking options: Free checking that’s great for everyone and for when you need a second checking account, free Kasasa Cash®, free Kasasa Cash Back®, and Earn More! checking.

Christmas Club / Holiday Club Savings Account

This year-round savings program is designed to help you save for holiday expenses. In early November, your funds will be disbursed into your share account just in the “Nick” of time for holiday shopping sprees.

First Castle Kids Club Savings Account

Use this account to teach minors the value of saving. Your child will earn great rates and exclusive kids club benefits.

Share Certificates of Deposit

Earn higher dividend yield by opening a First Castle FCU Share Certificate! Terms are available from 6 months to 5 years with a low minimum deposit of only $500.00.

Money Market Account

This is the perfect savings vehicle for members looking to earn higher dividend rates yet still have access to their funds. This account features a minimum withdrawal amount of $100 and begins earning interest on balances over $2,000.

Individual Retirement Accounts

If you’re not putting the tax laws to work for you for your retirement years, stop by the Credit Union to learn more about the benefits of our IRAs. It’s never too early to begin preparing your nest egg for the future. Currently, we offer both Traditional and Roth IRAs.


Your shares are Federally Insured by the NCUA up to the legal limit.

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