Merchant Services

Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing

First Castle’s strategic partnerships allow us to offer competitive pricing and personalized services on credit card payment processing. Merchant services through FCFCU boosts your business with pass through pricing and quick deposit time.

Merchant Card Services

We are proud to partner with Total Merchant Concepts (TMC), to provide debit and credit card processing. We chose TMC because of their commitment to providing great service to our business members. Plus they have competitive rates, low set-up costs, and monthly-to-month contracts to make card processing affordable. If you need any support, TMC is just a phone call away.

Transparency in Pricing with Pass Through Pricing

Interchange pass through pricing is credit card processing pricing that allows the actual cost of processing (interchange fees & assessments) to be passed directly to your business. Many credit card processors charge an average interchange rate. First Castle’s partners, TMC, use pass through pricing, which you see on your billing statement.

Benefits of our service:
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Credit & debit card acceptance
  • Pass through pricing
  • Affordable terminals
  • Web-based virtual terminals
  • Delayed or real time web authorization
  • EMV & NFC Solutions (Chip & Pin and ApplePay)
  • Electronic check processing (verification/guarantee/ACH conversion)
  • Accounting and POS software options
  • Compatible with most networks, registers and terminals
Merchant Services from Someone You Can Trust

From a simple touch-tone solution to a fully integrated e-commerce solution, our partners at TMC offer your business an easy and hassle-free method to accept credit and debit cards.
Thanks to our partnership with Total Merchant Concepts, we can provide you with a simple month-to-month contract and 24/7 access to expert customer service.

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(Merchant services will be provided by Total Merchant Concepts and terms and conditions apply.)

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