Bill Pay

Pay your bills conveniently with Bill Pay

Whether you are on mobile or on desktop, Bill Pay is the same streamlined experience.

  • Pay Virtually Anyone.  From your utilities to your neighborhood lawn service.
  • Automatic Payments. Great for bills that stay the same each month, like your rent and your car loan.
  • Same Day/Next Day Payments. Payments can often be received in as little as one business day, even that same afternoon if necessary.
  • Account to Account Transfers. Even accounts at other financial institutions. Your money is always available, regardless of where you keep it.
  • Receive eBills. Green, more convenient, more secure and easier to manage.
  • Reminders. Receive updates through email when you receive a bill, or when it’s due.
  • Search Bill History. Search by company, date and status, the moment you need an answer, wherever you are.

Get Started on Mobile or on Desktop

To get started with First Castle FCU’s Bill Pay service, simply log into the mobile app or online banking, and click on “Bill Pay.”


How much does Bill Pay Cost? Bill Pay is free.

How to schedule payments? You simply choose the date you want the payee to receive the payment. Once you have scheduled a payment, it appears on the Payment Center page under the Pending Payments section.

Are there any fees associated with Bill Pay? There is a small fee for same day or next day payments. For dates selected beyond tomorrow or the next day, no fee will be assessed.

How to transfer funds with my account at another financial institution? First select the Bill Pay tab.  Then select the Transfer Money tab.

When will the money for my payments be deducted from my checking account? The funds are deducted after the payee receives the funds and presents a clearing request to the credit union.

Who do I call if I have a problem with one of my bills or I have a dispute? You can call 1-800-290-6054 from 6 AM to 10 PM central time Monday through Friday and 7 AM to 4 PM on Saturday (except on Federal Holidays) to receive assistance.

Download the App

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