Banking While In My Pajamas

We have all used the phrase TGIF (THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY) at least once. We all look forward to the weekend where we can sleep in and not have to get up early to go to work, but what about fighting the traffic to get to the bank before they close in order to make that transfer or to pay on that loan? Ever had to go through that on a Saturday? I am sure we have all been through that at least once or twice. Now there is a solution!

            With technology growing rapidly, we are now able to stay in our pajamas and handle our banking needs! I know what you’re thinking, “Go to the bank in my pajamas?! Are you crazy?!” That’s exactly what I am saying! With Mobile Banking you can go to the bank in your pajamas and no one will look at you funny because you can have access to your accounts from your mobile phone without even getting out of bed!!

            Sandy recently signed herself up for Mobile Banking. Last week she called the branch in a panic because she lost her cell phone the night before and all of her mobile banking information was on there. Sandy was so worried that someone would have access to her accounts and her personal banking information. Lauren, our member service representative reassured Sandy that no one will have access to any of that. Sandy then asked frantically “How is that even possible? Someone has my cell phone!!” Lauren explained to Sandy that with our Mobile Banking we are able to deactivate her mobile banking account so that no one can access any of her information from her stolen cell phone. Even if she was still logged in on her cell phone, the mobile app automatically signs out after a few minutes and asks for a password to continue services. Sandy was then so relieved that she thanked Lauren for all of her help and was able to continue on with her day knowing that her accounts were safe and secure.

            With the safe & secure mobile banking you don’t have to worry about some stealing all your money if you leave your phone somewhere or if your phone gets stolen. The mobile app is safe and secure to protect you and your money!  You don’t have to worry about setting that alarm to make it to the bank on time. Just pick up your cell phone and make your transfer or loan payment while still in bed at ANYTIME!!

 To enroll for mobile banking, simply login to online banking from a desktop computer, click on the self-service tab, click mobile money and follow the on screen steps to enroll your phone and start banking in your pajamas!!