FastFone Automated Teller

24 Hour Touch-tone Audio Response Program



It’s Safe & Easy

Now you can be in touch with your FCFCU account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever you are. By simply dialing 1-800-882-4245 on a touch-tone phone, FCFCU members can safely access their accounts to complete all of the transactions listed below.

All day — Every Day Access

We’ve listed all the transactions that you can conveniently complete with FastFone. We think you’ll be very pleased with the convenience of transacting your FCFCU financial business wherever you have access to a touch-tone phone — all day — any day!

Simply dial 1-800-882-4245 for access.

FastFone Options Menu

Press #1 – Quick Check
Plays Primary Savings and Checking Balances.
Provides the following options:

Most Recent Transactions
Transfer Funds Between Accounts

Press #2 – Account Inquiries

#1 Account Balances and Additional Information
#2 Account History
#3 Tax and IRA Information

Press #3 – Financial Transactions

#1 Transfer Funds
#2 Loan Payments
#3 Cross Account Transactions
#4 Withdrawal by Check

Press #4 – Member Services

#1 Checking Services
#2 Reorder Checks
#3 Check Copy
#4 Stop Pay
#5 Request Statement Photocopy
#6 Change Audio PIN

Common Navigation Keys

Return to Prior Menu  *
Return to Main Menu  **
Repeat Menu  6
Previous Listing  7
Transaction History
Next Listing  8
End the Call  9
Access Another Member#  #99

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