Bank Anywhere

First Castle offers 4 convenient ways to help you access and manage your money no matter where you are.

Online Banking

Log into your accounts from anywhere you have internet access.

Mobile Banking

Access your accounts from our free mobile app.

Voice Banking

FastFone Automatic Teller makes it easy to call in and bank from your phone.


FCFCU ATMs and our shared network on surcharge-free ATMs make banking on the go easy.

⚠️ Fraud Alert ⚠️ Fake Check Scam: If you have received a cashier’s check that appears to be drawn on First Castle Federal Credit Union, do not deposit the check. Do not send any money that may be indicated in the instructions with the check. The cashier’s check may be a counterfeit cashier’s check. Contact us at (985) 867-8867 to report receipt of the check and to verify its authenticity. Do not call any phone numbers that came with the check. Save any form of evidence associated with the check (i.e. package label, letters, text messages).