ACH Origination

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) origination allows you to control where your money goes and when. With ACH origination at First Castle you can create electronic transfers for convenient vendor and supplier payments.

ACH helps you to reduce costs of check creation, reconciliation and postage. Also, more timely payments will improve service for your customers and cash flow predictability for your business.

  • ACH can be set up to pay vendors automatically
  • ACH can be set to collect payments promptly by electronically debiting your customers’ accounts

Vendor Payments

Easily streamline payments to vendors and suppliers – You can set up a payee in minutes, and creating recurring payments saves your business time and money for future payments.

ACH origination is ideal for federal tax deposits, payments to vendors that you want to wait until a certain time of the month to pay them, and the most common type, employee payroll deposits.

Collecting Payments

ACH is practical and convenient for collecting payments, memberships, dues, and periodic fees. The process is automated and predictable, so your business has better control of funds.

With authorization from payers to draw regular electronic payments from their accounts, payers’ accounts are debited and your company’s account credited on the date due.

Your business saves money by automating the payment collection process: less check production, less postage, less lost or stolen checks.

ACH services provides positive customer service experience by removing the regular manual work for them to ensure timely payments.

ACH at First Castle

Call us at (985) 867-8867 to see if ACH at First Castle could reduce costs for your business. Each month, 10 ACH transactions are included for $35.00 each (and only $1 for each additional transaction made in the same month).

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