2 15 percent 24 month CD and 2 15 36 month bump up CD effective Feb 23 2018

Even better rates on Share Certificates!

24 month at 2.15% APY*

36 month Bump-Up at 2.15% APY*^

A Bump-Up is a one-time opportunity to convert your CD to the higher rate for the remainder of its term. When you choose a Bump-Up 36 Month CD, you can “bump up” your rate one time during the 36 month term if rates start to rise. Not only do you get a great rate to begin with, but you could have the opportunity to lock in an even higher rate if you choose.

$500.00 minimum deposit for either term.


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* Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is effective as of 2/23/2018 and is subject to change at any time.  A minimum deposit of $500.00 is required to earn the advertised rate.  APY assumes principal and interest remain in the account for the entire term of the Share Certificate. Interest will be compounded and credited to your account monthly. Early withdrawal penalty applies. Fees may reduce earnings. See your account disclosure for more details.  Federally Insured by NCUA.

^ 2.15% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) available for an 36-Month Bump-Up Share Certificate. “Bump-up” allows a one-time rate adjustment during the 36-month term, to a higher First Castle FCU posted 36-month Share Certificate rate for the remainder of the term. Rate does not automatically bump. Member must notify FCFCU in writing to bump the interest rate. Certificate will automatically renew at the current FCFCU 36-month Share Certificate term and prevailing rate.