Celebrating 85 Years of Growth and Prosperity

image established 1934 First Castle Federal Credit UnionFirst Castle Federal Credit Union was founded in 1934, the beginning of a tiny credit union which has grown in 85 years to helping thousands of families in our community prosper.

From Small Beginnings Come Good Things

In 1934, the United States was just beginning to recover from the Great Depression, desk computers were non-existent and telephones had a rotary dial.

At the time a small group of employees at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans pooled their money to be able to provide loans and checking accounts to each other.  Any income generated would be used to improve services or expand products that would benefit those few members.

Little did that group realize how much their small financial co-operative would expand to where it is today.

Great Things Happen With Time

Fast-forward 85 years to 2019; First Castle FCU has had amazing growth in those 85 years.  We now serve all of St Tammany Parish, and we have had grown in products offered, services, branches, number of employees, and explosive growth in members looking for those checking accounts and loans that will truly help their families prosper.

Hitting our 85th anniversary milestone is also for celebrating our relationships.  Kirk Arnold, CEO at FCFCU, says,

“We have enjoyed the successes that we have had in these 85 years because of our members.  We are able to do more for our members because we strive for long-standing relationships.”

He continues,

“We want to support our members throughout their lives, whether that’s getting their first credit card or saving for retirement, and we are able to do that with strong relationships.”


Here’s to 2019 and helping more members find their financial success!

FCFCU logo 85 years anniversary