We Stuffed the Truck FULL of Groceries!

Our local food banks get a lot of donations from school food drives throughout the year, but when summer rolls around these same food banks usually have a tough time keeping their shelves filled.

Our staff saw Northshore Food Bank on Facebook saying, “Our warehouse shelves are almost empty!  We are in critical need …” and stepped up to help!  With the staff Jeans Day dollars*, we shopped and made a tower of groceries→

fcfcu food bank donation

And stuffed the truck FULL of food→

stuff the truck FULL of groceries

And delivered 360 pounds of food to Northshore Food Bank just in time for the start of school!  #feelsgreattodonate #TeamCastle #sttammany

fcfcu Northshore Food Bank donation

The next time you are on Amazon, please consider sending a package to Northshore Food Bank.  Click here to get to their Amazon Wish List! ♥


*When you see our employees wearing jeans – know it’s for a great cause!  The First Castle team wears jeans on Fridays and contributes to a Jeans Day fund. Those Jeans Day dollars are then turned into donations to different charities and organizations in our community.