Target Compromise

First Castle Federal Credit Union is aware of the data breach suffered by Target and impacting their consumers. We have been contacted by Master Card (Debit Cards) and are in the process of clarifying what members are impacted by this. We are currently waiting on information from VISA to identify any FCFCU Credit Card accounts that may have been impacted. If your account has been compromised you will get a personal call from one of our staff members.

Once identified, we will move to protect our members to minimize the hassle and uncertainties you may have. If your account is one that has been potentially compromised by Target, we will order a new debit card or credit card as soon as we are notified. Additionally, your present card will be suspended so no further “potential” fraud can occur.

We know that during the holiday season this is a stressful time to have your debit card impacted and your normal activities hindered. However, this is for your protection and is only in effect if your debit or credit card has, in fact, been compromised. Accounts not compromised will continue usage as normal.

Target has communicated a potential impact of 40 million consumers. If your account is compromised, we will work with you on any required documentation to facilitate the process of recovery. We will be very proactive in refunding money back into your account if necessary. Remember,  you are not responsible for any losses this may cause. As previously stated, since so many consumers will be impacted by this, please be aware that the normal 7 – 10 day business day delivery period of your new card, may take a little longer. We will work diligently to get your new debit or credit cards to you so that you can resume your normal daily activities.

As always we appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to assist our members with compromised accounts. We recommend that you monitor your monthly statement and daily activity carefully and review for any suspicious transactions. You have daily access to your account activities through our multiple access points via the FCFCU mobile app, home banking and telephone banking. Target has established a toll-free number you may wish to contact, 866-852-8680.

We also want to remind you that, you may continue to use your FCFCU account by writing checks, withdrawing cash at a convenient location or a Shared Branching location.

If you would like to speak to one of our member service officers about your account please call 985-867-8867.