Take advantage of this free benefit

Many of our members are still not taking advantage of one of the best free benefits we have to offer… Electronic Statements!  Even for those currently enrolled in Online Banking, E-statements are not automatic and members must “opt-in” in order to begin receiving them.

The benefits of E-statements include:
•    Convenient – statements and canceled checks may be reviewed online at any time (6 month history)
•    Fast – E-Statements can be accessed days before a paper statement would arrive in the mail
•    Free
•    Secure – Reduced risk of statements being lost or stolen in the mail
•    Safe – E-Statements are protected by the latest security measures
•    Environmentally Friendly
•    Cost Effective – E-Statements help lower our cost of providing services. The money saved is returned to our members in the form of increased benefits.

Members must first enroll in Online Banking in order to opt-in for E-statements.  Not yet enrolled in Online Banking?  Click here for Online Banking instructions.

If you have any questions or face difficulty signing up, please call us at (985) 867-8867 or visit our E-Statements Help page.