Making the Grade

DineroSchool-aged children in St. Tammany parish are getting ready to head back to school once again. Hopefully summer breaks were filled with fun and relaxation so our kids will go back eager for another year of growth and learning.  As you prepare your kids to apply themselves and be the best that they can be, don’t forget to remind them that First Castle wants to reward Castle Kids Club members for making good grades!

All Castle Kids Club members are eligible for our “making the grade” incentive.  We will grant them $1.00 for every A they earn on their year-end report card*. Castle Kids Accounts also boast free coin counting, birthday surprises, and are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA.  In addition to encouraging good grades, Castle Kids’ Accounts are also a fun and easy way to teach kids about saving money.

If your children do not yet have a Castle Kids Account, now is the perfect time for a trip to First Castle to get them started on the fun!  Opening the account is quick and easy, requires their Social Security Card and Birth Certificate, as well as the Driver’s License of a parent or guardian.  Our Castle Kids Account also offers a high rate of interest, special tools to make saving money fun, and even has its own mascot, Dinero the Dragon.

*Must have $50 on deposit, $5.00 maximum.

Federally insured by the NCUA.