You Can Choose Better Rates with UChoose Rewards

Happy SaverWe work hard to spread the word about our Relationship Rewards program, and it seems that many of you are catching on!  Did you know that amongst the millions of redemption options available to you lies the option to buy .25% off of a new loan or add .25% onto a certificate of deposit?

Just 2500 points buys .25% off a new loan*, and the maximum amount applied to a new loan is .50%.  Just 2500 points buys .25% added to any new certificate of deposit, and the maximum amount applied is .25% per investment.

If you have a checking account and have registered your active debit card with UChoose Rewards, then you already know that you can choose when, where, and what to shop for 365 days a year.  All you have to do is USE your First Castle Account and the choices are endless.

UChoose RewardsIf you have a checking account and active debit card but have not yet registered, click here to sign up and start earning points today!  Don’t have a checking account or debit card with us?  Call or stop by the branch nearest you, or fill out one of our account change cards to get started.

In addition to the points that accumulate with every swipe of your debit card, we also reward you for taking advantage of all of the services your membership has to offer, including: Home Banking, Bill Pay, E-Statements, Direct Deposit, CDs, Loans and more!  We also give bonus points for birthdays and the anniversary date of when you joined the credit union.

You can be the King or Queen of your finances with UChoose Rewards and First Castle FCU!

*Excludes certain loans such as mortgages and lines of credit. Contact branch for details.