Teach Kids the Value of Saving

Our Mascot, Dinero, with Castle Kids Club Members.

Our children are our future.  How can we give them the greatest possibly opportunity for financial success?  A Castle Kid’s Club Account at First Castle Federal Credit Union is an excellent place to start!

With exclusive benefits just for kids – including great rates, money for good grades, birthday gifts, and a special savings booklet – our Castle Kids Accounts make saving money fun. We even have our own mascot, Dinero the Dragon!

Castle Kids Accounts help familiarize children with banking and gets them excited about watching their savings add up.  Even small deposits are beneficial because they teach good financial habits that they will be more likely to keep up with as adults.  Understanding the basics of saving will also pave the way for more complex financial transactions later in life.

Open your child’s Castle Kids Account today at First Castle Federal Credit Union, where savings is fun!*

*Please bring your child’s birth certificate and social security card.