Q&A With V.P. of Lending, Mr. Danny Trahan

1) How is First Castle handling the tough times we face as a nation?

As members of First Castle FCU, we are fortunate to be part of a solid financial institution that has actually experienced substantial growth during the past few years.  Extending our membership beyond the Army Corps of Engineers and into St. Tammany Parish has allowed us to both improve and increase the products and services we offer, and has enabled us to become more competitive and more convenient.

2) How has First Castle managed to grow substantially during a time when so many other financial institutions have cut back?

Our dedicated, forward-thinking management team and Board of Directors are pro-active and have both the foresight to see things coming, and the skill and knowledge to navigate the troubled financial waters that exist today.

3) How does First Castle differ from other financial institutions?

Unlike banks, we are a not-for profit, member service-driven financial institution owned and operated by our members.  Instead of returning profits to a small group of stockholders, our profits are returned to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and free or low-cost services.

4) What does First Castle have to offer in terms of lending?

When you come to us for your lending needs, you are not just a credit score, but rather a person just like us.  When we consider your application, we always consider the bigger picture.  We strive to make loans that make sense for both you and the Credit Union.  We all benefit from good loans because they help our members, and they help the Credit Union become stronger and more secure.