Service at 4,131 locations!

Now with service at 4,131 locations!

Wow! After Hurricane Katrina people scattered all over the United States. Everything was turned upside down. Some people who banked at local or Community banks had no access to funds because their main office was located in the affected areas.

Some Credit Union’s which are mainly community or employer based were thankfully part of what is called Credit Union Service Centers. These service centers gave their member’s access to their accounts at Credit Unions all over the nation. It was as simple as putting in a zip code and finding the branch.

Since Hurricane Katrina people tend to choose their banking by convenience rather than just the benefits of a community institution. They want to have access to their money in case of an emergency and they have to leave state. Because Credit Unions don’t have the marketing budget of a bank it is hard to educate potential members of just how convenient Credit Unions are. People don’t realize they can have the benefits of Credit Union with the convenience of a bank. Today, there are over 4,131 different service centers across the nation that First Castle Credit Union members can use. Capital One bank has 700 locations. Just in Louisiana alone First Castle has over 100 Credit Union service center branches available. Deposits, withdrawals, loan payments and much more can be handled at these branches. To learn more about the Credit Union Service Centers go to or