Switching from a Covington LA Bank to a Credit Union? Part 3 …

We have looked at how our Switch Kit can make a switch from a bank to the credit union easy – we do all of the work. And convenience with 7 “branches” around St Tammany. The last factor that encourages people to do their banking at a credit union instead of a traditional bank is money.

Fees that are typically lower than your local bank and better loan rates than your local bank. That sounds pretty good. If your checking account becomes overdrawn because a deposit was forgotten, we have our courtesy pay option available to you to save the embarrassment of an overdrawn check, and our fees are typically less than what a bank would charge. Less fees = more money in your pocket.Our loan rates are the best we can offer for our members’ benefit, not always the best for our bottom line.

This guy blogs,

“Banks have made a fortune off me. I had an account with a major U.S. bank for 18 years. I paid an $8 service charge every month. I paid to have my checks returned. I paid to use ATMs. Through my own stupidity, I paid lots of overdraft fees. As my money skills improved, the overdraft fees vanished, but the other fees — and lousy service — remained. I finally got fed up. Last year, I switched my account to a local credit union.”