Switching from a Covington LA Bank to a Credit Union? Part 1 …

One of the biggest challenges any credit union faces is that of converting long-time big bank customers over to the credit union.

There is no compelling reason for a person to go through the hassle of closing accounts at a big bank and changing all of the account information with their automatic bill pay. The very thought of moving a checking account from one institution to another is exhausting.

I’m there with you. It sounds daunting … calling all of the utility companies and loan issuers to change your account information.

So we, along with many credit unions across the country, have instituted a Switch Kit. What this Switch Kit does for you is REMOVE all of the work from your hands. You give us the information and WE do all of the switching.

We do all of the switching.

This blogger says,

“I had wanted to leave my bank for years, but hesitated because I thought it would be difficult. I was nervous about missing a payment on my home-equity loan, which was pulled automatically from my checking account. I was afraid I’d forget an outstanding check. I needn’t have worried. The transition was easy. People do this every day.”

It’s true. You give us the info, and we do the work.

How simple is that?