First Castle Kids Club


     dinerocropped2Our Kids Club account is represented by our  mascot “Dinero” the dragon. Dinero helps teach kids that saving money is FUN! Dinero rewards your child with $1.00 for every A on their final report card through our Making the grade program*! Dinero also awards them with a birthday surprise if they come in on their birthday!! 

When you bring your child in to open a Castle Kids Club savings account we will give them their own savings register so they can keep tract of their money on their own. In addition to teaching kids about saving money, our Castle Kids Club account earns interest and offers free coin counting at our Covington location. Castle Kids Club accounts are federally insured by the NCUA.

*Must have a $50.00 balance. $5.00 max per report card. Up to 18 years of age or through 12th grade.

Click on the Piggy bank and print out the color sheet, once colored bring it in to any branch so we can hang it up in our lobby!

     Piggy Bank