Prepaid Card Blues

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This month I turned 39! You know you are getting old when just saying the number seems like it takes as much movement of your mouth as a Jim Carry movie. For my birthday, a family member got me a prepaid card. A very well-known brand that let’s just say rhymes with Bisa. I was […]

Christmas in July

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Thanks to the World Wide Web, knowing when big ticket items are on sale is just a click away but did you know that there are times of the year that are even better than others to buy? According to sites like and using the cliché “A time and a place for everything” […]

Happy 4th of July

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Fourth of July – Celebrating our Nation’s Independence Takes Cash! In just a few weeks most working American’s will be in for the coveted three day weekend! A long weekend with friends and family is a great summer break but can be expensive. Fourth of July can still be fun without blowing your budget. Here […]

Benefits of a Staycation

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Benefits of a Staycation As you read this, many of you are thinking “I really need a break!” Maybe you didn’t save like you meant to or a big expense came up that is going to prevent you from taking a vacation this year but it doesn’t mean there will be no fun this summer. […]

Identity Theft and Fraud – How to Keep it Real

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The only person I ever knew that was excited to have his identity stolen was a man that works for Legal Shield. The day he discovered it, he looked like a kid on Christmas. I saw him across the room with his eyes sparkling and a huge smile on his face.  “I was hit” he […]

How to be Young, Smart and Use a Credit Card

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Welcome to being a grown up! Here are some tips to become the responsible adult your parents think you are: 1. Start off slow and small. Credit cards are here to help you build credit and even I am surprised at what I can buy in a day. Put small, recurring charges on your card […]