Benefits of a Staycation

StaycationBenefits of a Staycation

As you read this, many of you are thinking “I really need a break!” Maybe you didn’t save like you meant to or a big expense came up that is going to prevent you from taking a vacation this year but it doesn’t mean there will be no fun this summer. Maybe a staycation is just what you need and can afford! Sounds lame? No way!! And here is why:

Great for your local economy

No doubt that we love where we live so why not spend here! Your staycation boosts local economy by generating revenue through sales and hospitality tax. And who knows, once you post pics of the great time you had on Facebook, your friends may decide to be a tourist here! Acting like a tourist in our state will help you discover restaurants, spas and experiences you never knew about or always wanted to try. I don’t know about you but I have lived here my whole life and have never been on a buggy ride or haunted tour in the city. By choosing to vacation in this area, you can find new reasons to love our city.

Reduce Stress

I am “The Planner” for my family. At my house and vacation it is up to me to plan, organize and execute. It is stressful to think of things to do , how to get there, where is it safe to eat, do they take credit cards, what if it rains, what is a good back up plan…it goes on and on. With a staycation you know the answers.

You don’t have to stay up until midnight washing clothes the night before

It never fails. Vacation is coming and you realize everyone only has three pair of socks clean. You stay up all night washing and packing and still manage to forget a tube of toothpaste.

No tan – no problem! Didn’t lose weight? So what!

This is a phenomena that I don’t understand but I hear about it all the time. Tanning and losing weight to go on vacation. If I am surrounded by people that will never see me again and I plan on eating a bunch, why lose weight? Anyway with a staycation you don’t have to starve and you can save your skin!

Easy on the Budget

Staying in the area will cut down costs by eliminating the need for plane tickets and rental cars. There are also sites you can subscribe to which will help you find great deals in your area, including discounts on meals, hotels and activities. While staying in hotels, lodges and bed and breakfasts can add to the staycation experience, a satisfying staycation can also be had while sleeping in your own bed at night, allowing you to get the benefits of a vacation without paying for nights away.

So when you come back refreshed from your staycation this year, call First Castle FCU and talk to Lauren in Covington (985-867-8867) or Lacey in Slidell (985-643-1933) to open up a vacation account for that dream trip to the Caribbean!