What You Need to Know About Compromised Debit Cards

If your debit card has been compromised, it does not necessarily mean that you have fraud on your account, but rather that your card is at risk of being used fraudulently due to computer hacking, network intrusion, or a variety of other issues.  This can happen when you use your debit card in person, or when you use it to make a transaction online.  While no financial institution or cardholder is immune to a compromise, First Castle takes every instance very seriously and seeks to help you avoid a financial emergency if a compromise does occur.

Although a compromised card may or may not be used by a criminal, First Castle doesn’t want to take any chances.  As soon as we are notified that a compromise has occurred, we immediately contact our affected members to notify them and we automatically block and reissue cards at no charge to you.

Because a card compromise can occur unexpectedly, you should always be prepared with a backup credit card so that you will still be able to make transactions if your debit card is blocked.  As a First Castle member, you’re eligible to apply for any of our low-rate, no-annual-fee credit cards.   For members who are new to the world of credit or want to start rebuilding a good credit history, we even offer secured cards, which look and function just like a standard Visa card.

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